Sisters Switchel – A Unique Adventure in Taste

It is our mission to satisfy your thirst with a healthy and energizing burst of flavor that fuels your passion to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

Switchel is a hydrating and energizing drink known to our ancestor’s as Haymaker’s Punch.

Here at Sisters, we give our switchel a modern twist by crafting together unfiltered, Sonoma County apple cider vinegar, great tasting west coast raw honey, and just the right kick of fresh pressed ginger. Altogether, these ingredients make what will be one of your favorite “go to” healthy refreshment choices all throughout the year.

Our mission is to provide a superior fusion of ancient medicinal ingredients that are crafted up to be irresistibly tasty and incredibly good for you!

Switchel is a heritage beverage: the fusion of cider vinegar, ginger and a sweetener (we use honey) was the perfect alternative to water because it contained electrolytes, water, and carbohydrates.

For today’s modern taste, it contains all natural ingredients that have evidence of use for over 5000 years, complementing the immune and digestive system functions.  It can be used as a refreshment, replenishment, beverage mixer, or a healthy tonic.

Do you like cool, hip beverages?  Are you a fitness or athletic enthusiast looking to replenish and enhance performance?  Part of the 40 something crowd looking for something healthy?  A baby booming bourbon drinker, or trendy craft cocktail seeker?   Looking for a refreshing beverage that has health benefits?

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