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New Locations Carrying Sisters Switchel

We have been busy over the past few months getting into new retailers in the Santa Rosa area.  Check out all the places you can pick up Sisters Switchel by visiting our page "Where To Buy".  We are constantly adding new locations, so be sure to follow us on Facebook...

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Now Available at TrailHouse Santa Rosa

Sisters Switchel can now be found at TrailHouse in Santa Rosa. TrailHouse is a new coffee ~meets beer ~meets bike shop.  We have blown through 2 cases of Switchel in a few short weeks.  Stop in and see this uniquely awesome place and grab a bottle of Switchel. Check...

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Recipes Involving our Sisters Switchel

Sisters Switchel is an amazing stand-alone beverage.  But did you know it also acts as the base for a wide variety of 'mixed' drinks?  Thats right! can use your SistersSwitchel to create masterful margaritas, glorious gin concoctions, razor-sharp rum refreshers...

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Two Human Hearts Connect

'We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.' — Maya Angelou We met at Lake Sonoma, in the heart of wine country, just outside the infamous little town of Healdsburg. I had only been in Sonoma County for about ten years, and I was still falling with my...

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August 2016 Updates

    Sisters Switchel - A Unique Adventure In Taste Based in Sonoma County, CA, USA View this email in your browser The Sisters Switchel Newsletter - Aug 2016 Hello and Happy Summer! Welcome to the first edition of the Sisters Switchel monthly Newsletter.  Thank you...

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