Get to know Sisters Switchel

Our story begins sixteen years ago. Brenda Lyons and Melanie Larson, both Northern California transplants from the east coast, met at a mountain bike race at Lake Sonoma. It was one of those encounters you never forget. Brenda went on to win the race and later that evening they found themselves at dinner. Soon enough they were working together, sharing their passion for wellness…Brenda as a Yoga instructor and Melanie as a personal trainer/nutritionist.

Within a year, the two developed and started a successful development Cycling Team: NorCal Velo.  Team member Brenda became a professional, nationally ranked cyclist and traveled the world.  During that period of time, Melanie took the “mother” route and had three children, also pursuing her profession as a Registered Dietitian.

Throughout each of their journeys, Brenda and Melanie remained close, and always bounced creative ideas off of each other. They both knew that someday they would work together again, embracing their entrepreneurial spirit coupled with their passion around health and wellness.

In the fall of 2014,Brenda read about switchel, and already being a fan of the ingredients, she quickly ran to the store and made some to share with Melanie.

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Hi, I am Melanie Larson.

??????????With over Over 22 years of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching,

I moved to California from Georgia in 1995 to finish my education to become a Registered Dietitian. After completion, I knew I wanted to expand into the fitness field, so I went on to obtain Masters Degree in Kinesiology from Sonoma State and became a Massage Therapist.

This combination led me to start my own personal wellness business, “Balanced Forces”. During this time, I became a competitive triathlete and cyclist, having fun on adventures in Northern California.

Currently, I manage Outpatient Nutrition Services at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa, California where I have worked for the past 12 years while raising 3 beautiful children.

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I am Brenda Lyons and I have been an athlete most of my life.

BrendaLyonsI grew up as the only girl with two brothers and we were sporty family spending a lot of time traveling. (My brother is Todd Lyons, a BMX legend and our family was involved for many years.) I have pretty much always been active in sports.

I moved to California in 1988 and started growing roots in Sonoma County in 1989.  After giving birth to my son, 23 years ago, I picked up a jogging stroller to get back into fitness. After several marathons I decided to take up triathlon, where I immediately fell in love cycling, and attribute that to my family’s love for two wheels.  I quickly switched from triathlon and raced mountain bikes and road bikes all over California.

Years into cycling, I became a professional cyclist and was ranked nationally, and was a medalist at our national championships.  During this same time I also discovered yoga and wanted to share those benefits with others, and thus became a dedicated yoga teacher for nearly a decade in Sonoma County.

My approach to life is similar to my approach in sport: I love exploring, I love being outside, I believe in taking care of myself both physically and mentally.   I believe in good nutrition and whole body wellness.   The word ‘fitness’ is as much about training, as it is about having good nutrition and a healthy balanced body.

“We thought it was the most refreshing drink we had ever tasted. We loved the fact that it was an all natural, limited ingredient beverage, that had health benefits, and that did not have cane sugar. We both had the same reaction ….it was kind of like Wow, where has this drink been all my life!”

From that point, both fell in love with the idea of creating a beverage whose old-school natural remedies work together in a pure, all natural fusion of ingredients that have been recommended for many ailments and conditions for over 5000 years.

“We are so excited to be on this journey together and look forward to sharing it with you.”

It is our mission to satisfy your thirst with a healthy and energizing burst of flavor that fuels your passion to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors.